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Vidyadhiraja College of Physical Education & Research (VCPER) was established in 1991.

Mahatma Education Society Vidyadhiraja College of Physical Education and Research has been permitted by the Government of Maharashtra to start B.Ed. (Physical Course) from the academic year 1991-92. The College is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and recognized by National Council For Teacher Education (NCTE).

M.E.S.’s Vidyadhiraja College of Physical Education and Research was the first institution in the University of Mumbai to have started Physical Education in a building and play ground owned by the Society. The building is centrally located between Mumbai and Pune, accessible both by rail and road with Konkan railway harbor terminus nearby. It is also accessible by harbor branch, Central Railway, Western railway and Konkan railway, The college also has a hostel for boys and girls with world class infrastructure.


To develop understanding about the role of the school and Physical Education professional as agents of social change, national integration and scientific development in the country.


To prepare all round develop able physical education professionals to work for the totally fit society on the basis of “Health for All and Sports for All”


  • To develop skills, understanding, interest and attitudes which would enable him/her to foster all-round growth and development of the children under his/her care.
  • To develop competence to teach subjects of his/her specialization on the basis of accepted principles of learning and teaching in the context of 10+2+3 curriculum pattern.
  • To develop competence in guiding the children in solving their personal as well as academic problems.
  • To develop competence as a teacher, (Physical & Academic i.e. Bi-focal) to participate in school organization and management and to prepare instructional materials and projects in education.
  • To develop skills to conduct co-curricular activities in school skills to promote physical fitness.
  • To develop special interests in current trends and issue in education.
  • To appreciate the need and importance of health and physical education in the total curriculum.
  • To plan, organize and conduct activities and practices relating to children’s health, sports and games, etc, directly related to the life-style and environment of children.
  • To identify health practices under different areas of health education.
  • To prepare and select suitable teaching strategies and aids for effective curriculum transaction of health and physical education.
  • To identify his/her role and responsibilities in the total school health programme for healthy school environment.
  • To observe deviations among children from normal health and provide first-aid for minor ailments and refer other case to parents and health workers.
  • To design and use simple tools to valuate knowledge, practices and attitudes.
  • To prepare the students to perform effectively different roles expected pf a teachers in present times.
  • To prepare the students to identify classroom related problems for systematic investigation.
  • To inculcate virtues like sincerity, sympathy, gentleness, modesty, humility, compassion, courtesy, co-operation, fair play, self esteem, self-control and truthfulness.
  • To make students responsible for keeping constant vigil to know what is going on in and around the country.
  • To enable the students to interact with the experts involved in different aspects of the course.
  • To provide avenue to the student teachers for exchanging ideas, raising issues and discussing themes and problems with their peers.
  • To improve the skills of teaching with the help of guidance and organization of various activities.
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