Board of Governance

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Board of Governance

The trust and society has a Board of Governance which assists the Board of Trustees for management of the college activities. The Board of Governance also comprises educators of national repute, renowned academicians and eminent personalities from industry. The committee assumes a role of intellectual leadership and evaluates new educational perspectives. The main work of this committee is to give vision about new educational practices to be initiated at the trust. It comprises the CEO, COO, Dy CEO, CFO and the principals of its various institutes.

Its primary responsibilities include:

  • Planning and policy development
  • Publicity
  • Financial and Legal compliance
  • Appointment of members of the governing boards
  • Review of institutional budgets
  • Review of non–budgeted expenditures
  • Approval of major infrastructural changes
  • Starting new courses or departments or institutions

Members of the Board of Governance

Dr. K. M. Vasudevan PillaiChairman & CEO MES
Dr. (Mrs) Daphne PillaiSecretary, MES & Chairperson Management Board
Dr. Priam V. PillaiChief Operating Officer, MES & Member Management Board
Mr. Franav V. PillaiMember Management Board
Prof. Munawira PillaiMember Management Board
Dr. Reni FrancisUniversity of Mumbai Representative
Dr. Sandeep S. ShindeMember Secretary & I/c Principal
Mr. Mohan ManmodeMember Representative
Ms. Padmakshan PadmanabhanMember Representative
Dr. Sally EnosMember Representative
Mr. Jomon MathewsMember Representative