Sustainable Practices Policy

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Sustainable Practices Policy (SPP)

Purpose of the SPP:
SPP objective is to develop, implement, promote, and lead environment friendly activities at VCPE&R- New Panvel. This policy aims to usher in a cultural shift towards ecologically sustainable behaviours by instilling the habit of environmentally responsible praxis and instilling a desireto conserve our environment.

Aims of the SPP:

  1. Make the college campus and activities as ecologically friendly as possible.
  2. Be environmentally conscious and safe while maintaining the spirit and experience of student and academic life.
  3. Organize green events and encourage students to adopt a more environmentally conscious and sustainable mindset.
  4. Implement a sound waste management system.

Objectives of SPP:

  1. To plan to reduce the amount of waste generated.
  2. To plan to reduce generating waste that reaches the landfills.
  3. To plan segregation process so as to reach wastes to recyclers.
  4. To make the energy consumption of college more efficient.
  5. To encourage awareness campaigns and promote greener attitudes through physical displays and educational curriculum.

Steps to develop and implement the SPP:

  1. Efforts to reduce energy use and, as a result, carbon footprint.
  2. Efforts to reduce water and other resource usage as well as trash generation.
  3. Measures taken to divert garbage from landfills to recyclers and reuse as much as feasible.
  4. All purchases, sponsors, and vendors are carefully scrutinized for their environmental and social consequences.
  5. Establish a system to track and report on progress toward these objectives year after year.
  6. Waste segregation, with wet and dry waste separated.
  7. Eco-friendly management of the e-waste.
  8. Waste reduction through digitalization and judicious use of the resources
  9. Water conservation
  10. Creating Green Cover by checking the suitability of certain plants in the campus environment and plant species that are beneficial to the overall health of the campus.

The implementation of SPP will be a well thought process considering the available resources and infrastructure of the college with the focus of waste management, energy and water conservation. The SSP is well planned based on the green audit, IQAC initiatives, Strategic Plan and feedback by the College Development Committee. The SSP consists of a body comprising of the Principal, faculty and student representatives.