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The Institution has a Digitalized Library which consists of text books, reference books, encyclopedias, and dictionary in education, journals and publications etc.

Library follows Open Access System

Books/Reference Books 4919
Titles 3211
School Text Books 1547
Journals / Periodicals 40
Newspapers 13
Competitive Exam Books 35
Psychology Journals 7
Encyclopedia 10
Dictionaries 5
Physical Education Journals 4
Free Online E-journals 30

Library Timings

The library is accessible from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Online facility is introduced under the software KOHA which is interconnected within house colleges of Teacher Education. Xerox facility is also available for the students.

Library Extension Activities

  • Book Exhibition:
    To create awareness and to know about latest books in their subjects.
  • Student Suggestion Forms:
    To improve library services and to build good knowledge resources.