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a) Basic Information:

Carpet area of library (in m2)243.46 sq. mtr
Number of seats in reading space120
Number of users (issue book) per day4
Number of users (reading space) per day8
Timings10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Qualified LibrarianMs. Jaylaxmi Pillai
Number of Library Staff02
Library services on InternetAvailable
Digital Library detailsDSpace

b) Titles and Volumes
Number of Titles: 2004
Number of Volumes: 6088

c) E-Resources at Institute Level: N-List (Resource-Sharing)

d) Digital Library: DSpace
URL Link to DSpace (Remote login)

e) Description of ILMS:

Name of the ILMS SoftwareKOHA
Nature of Automation (Fully / Partially)Partially